Tocen Goshoboh

Arima Onsen, Hyogo

  Tocen Goshoboh is a traditional inn locate in the sanctuary spa resort village of Arima Onsen, which is a thermal and spiritual retreat dating back to the mythical age of Shinto gods, and one of the three oldest hotsprings areas in Japan.
 Since its establishment in 1191, and for 16 generations, Goshoboh has been long-loved by many Shogun and men of letters, and is considered the most historical hot-spring Ryokan in Japan.
 The property was bestowed the honoring label “Gosho”, which means “Imperial palace”, after the visit of the Samurai Lord “Ashikaga Yoshimitsu”, who ruled Japan between 1368–1394. The lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi has also left fingerprints in the history of Goshoboh by moving the wooden building few feet next to the Taki River, where the inn stands now silently.
 Goshoboh continued to receive the elite of the era, including the very known writer of “In the praise of Shadows”, Tanizaki Junichiro (1886–1965), the historical novelist and poet Yoshikawa Eiji (1892–1962), and many others who became Goshoboh’s patrons, and left some work expressing their experience at the inn.
 The three-story, yellow-earth colored building still inherits the nostalgic traditional wooden architecture that honors Japanese Aesthetics and Beauty while incorporating a poetic integrity of east-west and old-new which reflects the unique elegant taste of Kobe.
 Since the 1980s, the “Yunushi” or “master of Arima Hot-springs”, Mr.Kanai Shirobe the 15th has been collaborating with friends to infuse Goshoboh with a transcendent universe where Japanese Heritage, Tradition, Omotenashi hospitality, and Innovation blend in harmony. A mystical atmosphere where time is endless, senses are awakened, and life is enjoyed away from the material world.
(By Hironobu Kanai, owner of Goshoboh).
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Tocen Goshoboh
858 Arima-onsen, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 651-1401
Tel: +81-78-904-0551/e-mail:
[Number of rooms] 20 rooms
[Half board rate] 1 person: 25,000 Jpy~ (not included service charge and taxes)
[Room rate] 1 room: 20,000 Jpy~ (not included dinner & breakfast)
[credit card accepted] VISA, Master, JCB
[check in/out] 15:00/10:00-11:00 (depending on room type)
[hot spring] The most historic hotspring in Japan: Arima-Onsen
[access] About 30 minutes from Kobe, 1 hour from Osaka by train, bus, or car.