Shimoda Onsen, Kumamoto

  It was Portugal’s Prince Henry the Navigator who looked over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean during the Age of Exploration in the 15th century and said, “Here, the land ends and the sea begins.”
 True Amakusans have not forgotten that, to this day, the sea remains a pathway to the rest of the world.
 This concept is strong within us because our ancestors in Amakusa passionately plied the waters of the East China Sea that stretches out from this area.
 Some set out for distant lands with desire in their hearts. Others welcomed people, religions and goods from overseas.
 Our goal at Gosoku-no-Kutsu is to carry on the passionate story and magnificent history of Amakusans connected by these seas in the form of a ryokan.
 We set out to create a ryokan that could only take shape in Amakusa, a ryokan that exhibits expressions only Amakusans can deliver.
(By Hirofumi Yamasaki, owner of Gosoku no Kutsu)
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Ishiyamarikyu Gosoku-no-Kutsu
2237 Shimoda-Onsen, Amakusa-machi, Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto 863-2803
Tel: +81-969-45-3633/Fax: +81-969-45-3655/e-mail: info@rikyu5.jp
[Number of rooms] 15 rooms
[Half board rate] 1 person: 25,000 Jpy~ (included service charge, not included taxes)
[credit card accepted] VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, Diners
[check in/out] 15:00/11:00 (Villa C 12:00)
[hot spring] Shimoda-Onsen
[access] Arriving at the Kumamoto Train Station on a JR train, you will need to change to
the bus to the Hondo Bus Center (about two hours). A 30-minute taxi ride will take you from Hondo Bus Center to our hotel. Keep in mind that we also offer pick-up service from the Hondo Bus Center. You need three days advance booking for the Free Shuttle Bus service.