Miyahama Onsen, Hoiroshima

As our full name —Teien-no-Yado Sekitei (Sekitei: The Garden Inn)— suggests, the main attraction of our inn is our garden set against the stunning scenery of Miyajima. The garden beckons guests to come inside and become part of the beautiful scene. In contrast, we strategically planted trees near the guest rooms and situated the windows so that
guests can enjoy the garden views as spectators.
Our garden is truly a place to experience, not merely a sight to see. The arbor, lounge and other public facilities scattered around the garden are available for guests to sit down, relax and enjoy garden views from
different angles as well as conversation, music or a good book while gazing at the garden, or even taking naps.
You will also find a hideaway with a cavelike atmosphere illuminated by gentle candlelight, and places to enjoy tea or a miniature bottle of champagne. Perhaps the most enjoyable feature of our inn is the opportunity to walk around our garden in search of places that suit your fancy.
(By Junichi Ueno, owner of Sekitei)
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3-5-27 Miyahama-Onsen, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima 739-0454
Tel: +81-829-55-0601/Fax: +81-829-55-0603/e-mail:
[Number of rooms] 12 rooms
[Half board rate] 1 person: 31,000 Jpy~ (included service charge, not included sales tax/
hot spring tax)
[credit card accepted] VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, Diners
[check in/out] 15:20/10:20
[hot spring] Simple radon hot spring
[access] JR: Shinkansen (Hiroshima Station) ~ the Sanyo Line 44 minutes ~ Onoura Station. Pick-up service: Please tell us before you take a train.