Yugawara, Kanagawa

  Yugawara is located 90 km from Tokyo, and is surrounded by the calm waters of Sagami Bay and the magnificent mountains of Hakone. With a stunning natural environment and an abundance of hot spring water, this resort town dates back to the Nara period (710–784), when it was mentioned in the Man'yoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry.
 Sekiyo is a tranquil inn surrounded by trees partway up the unimposing slope of Mount Wakakusa. Our sukiya-style building incorporates the relaxing elements of folk dwellings to create the refined atmosphere of a good old-fashioned vacation retreat. We have a total of nine rooms, each with its own distinct charm and livability to go with views of Mount Iwato past our rustic-feeling garden carved out of the natural topography.
 Experience feelings only Japanese architecture can elicit, and open the windows to enjoy the chirping of birds and the gentle breeze.
 The high-quality hot spring water from our very own source flows freely, and can even be enjoyed at your own pace from some of our guest rooms. In addition, the public bath and outdoor bath integrate the strengths of the hot springs with nature to transcend the scenery of a simple hot springs spa.
 For our meals, we use the most distinctive local ingredients and only the finest foods from around Japan, and expend every effort to make use of the natural flavors of the ingredients. We also suggest pairings with local Japanese sake and wines.
(By Hidehiko Komatsu, owner of Sekiyo)
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749 Miyakami, Yugawara, Kanagawa 259-0314
Tel: +81-465-62-3808/Fax: +81-465-63-5707/e-mail:
[Number of rooms] 9 rooms
[Half board rate] 1 person: 42,000 Jpy~ (included service charge, not included taxes)
[Room Rate] 1 room: 44,000 Jpy~ (not included dinner & breakfast)
[credit card accepted] VISA, AMEX, JCB, Diners
[check in/out] 14:00/11:00
[hot spring]
[access] From JR Yugawara St. by taxi: 10mins.