Asaba Shuzenji-onsen, Shizuoka

Guests at Asaba are able to take in the mystic view of the Noh Theatre stage floating in the pond, from their elegantly furnished guest rooms located adjacently. Yet there is much more that draws guests to this ideal Japanese-style inn.

The truest kind of hospitality has been cultivated through Asaba’s history of well-over three centuries. Carefully selected for its aesthetic beauty, the furnishings have been arranged to please the eye. This ryokan provides a full of rustic flavor, as well as a hot spring which flows through the compound. Dinner is fine dining at its ultimate.

That Asaba has maintained the highest of standards for all that it serves is most unusual, and a delight for its guests.

An ethereal experience of each guest is possible only here in Asaba.

●Capacity: 17 guest rooms
3450-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan, 410-2416
TEL. 81-558-72-7000 FAX. 81-558-72-7077
●Accommodation Rates: 37,950yen-78,900yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Asaba Kazuhide