Tosen Goshobo   Arima-onsen Hyogo

Arima hot springs, available at Tosen Goshobo, is not only one of the three most famous, but also one of the three oldest onsen in Japan. One might very well expect it to be in a small village located deep in the mountains, however conveniently being a mere 20 minutes by car from Shin-Kobe train station, Tosen Goshobo is often referred to as the cozy family getaway of the Osaka/Kobe area.

After renovating the traditional structure to take on a more modern appearance, the space has intermingled antique with contemporary to create a completely unique lodging establishment. The unisex hot springs bath is overflowing with water colored reddish brown and a charming ambience.

Yamaga cuisine boasts simple and rustic flavor, as well as the in-house sommelier. The greatest joy offered at Goshobo is undoubtedly its cuisine.

Tosen Goshobo
●Capacity: 20 guest rooms
858 Arima-cho, Kita-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan 651-1401
TEL. 81-78-904-0551 FAX. 81-78-904-3601
●Accommodation Rates: 25,000yen-37,500yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Kanai Hironobu