Sekiyo Yugawara-onsen, Kanagawa

Despite being equally acclaimed hot spring spas, the ambiences of Hakone and Yugawara are quite dissimilar. Hakone, located in the mountains, has a welcoming atmosphere to the general public. In contrast, while Yugawara, with its commanding view of Sagami Bay and home to Sekiyo, is also located in the mountains, and was frequented by personages of the fine art world, by writers and artists.

Situated high atop Mt. Wakakusayama, deep in the mountains, Sekiyo is imbued with an atmosphere of serenity typical of the Yugawara area.

With a scant nine guest rooms, Sekiyo boasts no grandiose facilities, yet the view of the mountains in the distance from the outdoor spa and the refined, tastefully presented cuisine and sake are sure intoxicate any guest.

Sekiyo brings to mind the best of old Japan and can only be described as pure elegance.

ā—¸Capacity: 9 guest rooms
749, Miyaue, Yugawara-machi, Ashigara-shimogun, Kanagawa, Japan 259-0314
TEL. 81-465-62-3808 FAX. 81-465-63-5707
ā—¸Accommodation Rates: 29,025yen-57,900yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Komatsu Hidehiko