Ryokan Sugimoto Matsumoto, Nagano

Ryokan Sugimoto, located in Utsukushigahara in the Shinshu area, is widely known for its gourmet repertoire, including soba noodles kneaded and hand-cut by the owner-chef, natural ingredients like edible wild plants and mushrooms indigenous to the surrounding mountains and locally raised Shinshu-ogon-shamo poultry and Shinshu beef

The natural hot springs at the Inn is known as Tsukama no Yu, which is mentioned in the ancient poetry anthology, Go-shui Waka-shu written in the final years of the Heian Period (794-1185).

Guests can allow their bodies to be enveloped by the warm water that bubbles up from the natural onsen, and enjoy the cuisine with a bottle of wine personally selected by the owner/chef. An after dinner sherry at the bar is relaxation that anyone who enjoys a leisurely drink would envy.

●Capacity: 17 guest rooms
451-7, Satoyamabe, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, Japan 390-0221
TEL. 81-263-32-3379 FAX. 81-263-33-5830
●Accommodation Rates: 15,900yen-31,650yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Hanaoka Sadao