Araya Totoan Yamashiro-onsen, Ishikawa

One of the most famous hot springs in the Hokuriku area, the Yamashiro Hot Spring resort is said to have appeared in the second year of Jinki Period (725 AD), which makes it over an outstanding 1300 years old. Araya Totoan has been proudly passed down through 18 generations. This Inn has offered to its guests the relaxing enjoyment of the immense volume of hot water that springs forth on the premises daily (approximately 100 thousand liters). Araya Totoan continues to relay today the historical prosperity of the Kaga Domain through its prized possession and use of ceramic pieces by diverse artist, Kitaoji Rosanjin, and ceramic artist, Suda Seika, both deeply connected to the area.

Rich in tradition, yet innovative, the endless allure of this luxurious onsen resort can be found in the freshness of the seafood from the local Kaga Hashidate docks and the full-flavored local Kaga sake, rice wine.

Araya Totoan
●Capacity: 18 guest rooms
Yamashiro-onsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa, Japan
TEL. 81-761-77-0010 FAX. 81-761-77-0008
●Accommodation Rates: 29,550yen-57,900yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Nagai Takayuki