Yoyo-kaku Karatsu-shi, Saga

The mention of Genkai-nada brings to mind rough and stormy seas. However the waters near Niji no Matsubara Pine Forest which stretches along Karatsu Bay is truly calm and soothing. Yoyo-kaku, which stands at the Bay has a stately, yet gentle presence that challenges even the ocean view.

With its unostentatious architectural style and subtle lighting Yoyo-kaku offers its guests distinct reminders of traditional Japanese-style inns of yesteryear. The spacious Japanese garden opens on to Niji no Matsubara Pine Forest.

Guests will enjoy browsing the display of the finest Karatsu pottery and Nakazato Takashi Art Gallery, however, there is nothing that the Inn’s unlimited relaxing hospitality highlights more than the delectable joy of seafood cuisine from the Genkai-nada Sea.

Yoyo-kaku is the quintessential Japanese-style inn.

●Capacity: 20 guest rooms
2-4-40, Higashi Karatsu, Karatsu-shi, Saga, Japan 847-0017
TEL. 81-955-72-7181 FAX. 81-955-73-0604
●Accommodation Rates: 24,150yen-47,250yen per guest
(includes dinner, breakfast, and consumer/service taxes)
CEO: Okochi Masayasu